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Some Kites for the Lights

While I enjoy flying at night with the fancy kite lights, it is bothersome to attach and remove them. I found many times I was putting off flying because of the effort of attaching them, and once attached, I’d avoid the effort of removing them even when it meant flying a less-than-ideal kite. So with …

Building my kite lights

I’ve built some lights to go on my kites and they have all kinds of patterns and colors. I was asked about how they were made, and several people asked if they could buy some. I’m going with the easier route of describing how I made them. Maybe someday I’ll sell completed sets. This is …

Finding a Good Kite Field

I love flying sport kites, and every flyer I know has their own favorite fields. When starting out or when traveling somewhere new you need to find a new field, and sometimes you can’t find locals who know the best spots.