Dexterity Articles

Back around 1999 to 2003, Steve Pavlina published a series of articles on and on his own site devoted to personal growth and improvement.  He posted hundreds of articles on his own site, several were referenced in posts.

In 2010, he posted an “Uncopyright Notice” declaring that he was releasing the rights to reprint and redistribute his many articles, including those on his site and those that he had published elsewhere which did not have copyrights reserved elsewhere. His notice still reserved moral rights, particularly the rights to attribution and integrity of the work.

Unfortunately, time is not kind to Internet resources. Many of his articles have vanished in website updates and archives.  I have decided to host a copy of the articles I liked so they will not be lost.  Where possible, I have also linked back to the archives when I can find them, and will remove the link when it dies.

Thank you, Steve, for these amazing articles.

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