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Annotations, Attributes, and Other Hidden Dependencies.

Today at work we had a big discussion about annotations in some Java code.  These wonderful little inventions save a time and make life much easier for programmers, but they are also the source of terrible nightmares.  To get into the subject, I’ll need to explain a few things for the audience. 

Musings on pigeonholes.

A recent forum post over on just inspired me to write a bit. The question is about owning features, and personal growth on larger teams. I’ve worked at several businesses, but most have started out small. Some of them have grown quite a lot while I was there. I have been partially pigeonholed by …

Laid Off from Electronic Arts

Well, it had to happen eventually. Effective the 15th, I’m off of EA’s payroll. My project is still going strong for another two months at least. The project I was slated to move to in November was cancelled. So in a brilliant move befitting any large corporation, I was laid off because my future project …