Making a Game in 2 Weeks: Day 6

Day six of my Making a Game in 2 Weeks schedule has me building the models.

As I mentioned on Day 1, I already have access to Daz3d and a collection of models. Note that they have two different licenses, one is normally for view-only things like images and videos, the other license is for making games and other interactive software. Since this is a game you need to verify that you have the correct license.

I’ve tried to think about what to show for today. It is a little hard to explain the steps of modeling as you would code. Extrude here, move the sliders there until it looks good. Modify the textures as needed. Add an armature, bind it to the pose. Paint the weights and ensure that the posed figure uses the weights correctly, and there aren’t any unexpected twists or tears (I found quite a few of these).

The process takes some time, but really the result is screen shots.

Here is one of the butterflies:


And here is one of the fairies:



Also note that there won’t be a Day 7.

Coming up Monday: Animations.

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