Programming for Performance

Working with games means programming, but it is also a special kind of programming.  When working on a game you know will be used for competitive play in some ways is like the Formula One race cars; everything you do needs to consider performance. When working on a game you may know that the game is going …

RAII is also about destruction

In my last article I wrote a little about the initialization side of RAII, Resource Acquisition Is Initialization, in this one I will talk about the flip side, RAII is also about destruction and cleanup.

Annotations, Attributes, and Other Hidden Dependencies.

Today at work we had a big discussion about annotations in some Java code.  These wonderful little inventions save a time and make life much easier for programmers, but they are also the source of terrible nightmares.  To get into the subject, I’ll need to explain a few things for the audience. 

C++ Book List

C++ Books

Last update 10 Nov 2017. There are an ENORMOUS number of C++ books.  Many of them (sadly) have major errors, describing a language that is similar to, but fundamentally different from, the actual C++ language.  There are many lists like Stack Overflow’s book guides, both for books to read and books to avoid. There have been several …

More on the cost of schooling

Posts I'm recycling from other sites.

On a recent post in reddit, someone else was complaining about the cost of schools in the US. This is fairly similar to an earlier comment I wrote a few years back, but though I should post it here. The question was about if the US actually supports students, why do so many people get expensive …

What does it take to make a game?

Posts I'm recycling from other sites.

Over on, somebody asked if it was possible to finish a game using only the time available in nights and weekends. The answer is a qualified “Yes”. If you are a student just learning the basics, your game may be something like “guess the number”. That is an actual game, but it is not …